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Friday, July 27, 2012

Very Diary Helps Lose Weight

Diet to lose weight you could say tricky, many say easy, but still hard to do. The diary helps the success of the diet, provided it is not only vent but also the diet records.A recent study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center shows there are 3 things that determine the success of the diet program. These three factors are as follows, as quoted from Medicalnewstoday, Sunday (15/07/2012).A. Keep a diaryPeople who keep a diary every day during the run of the diet, lost weight on average 2.7 kg more than those who had never recorded his diet.2. Discipline with dietThere is an assumption that is often skip meals over time the weight would fall faster. This assumption is wrong, because the people who actually disciplined diet to lose weight faster as much as 3.6 kg.3. Eating outIf you want to lost weight 2.3 kg more, every day you should not cook themselves. Once upon a time, go out with the family to eat at the restaurant. This proved an effective way to lose weight more quickly, especially if done during lunch.Of the three factors that accelerate weight loss, the factors most often forgotten is the diary. Many have kept a diary, but it more about the outpouring of the heart or the vent and are rarely filled diet records.In order to be utilized in supporting the diet program, diet records in a diary should at least meet the following requirements:A. Should be thoroughlyThe diary should memuuat every detail diet consumed. Starting from the raw material used, seasonings and additions and, if possible the number of calories contained in it.2. Fit the realityMake sure all eaten already recorded, do not have a plus-or even add a note is missed and forgotten.3. AccuratePortions are eaten, and if necessary, the label on the packaging is also noted because it is useful to calculate nutrient intake.4. ConsistentAte records should always be taken to wherever one goes. If you bother to bring a notebook, today many of the technologies that can be utilized such as memos or recording applications on smart phones.

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