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Friday, July 27, 2012

Bromo, the scene hit the faith!

Bromo, the scene hit the faith!

Bromo. Mountain in East Java, who was my age - my age have never visited. Yet people - people say Bromo scenery is very nice. But do not know why, I am not interested to go there. If you see the picture - a picture is good. But yes there is no basic chemistry to be there, yes I have no iota keingininan to get there. Until I get there myself, the end of 2011 yesterday. And after I saw the sights in the Bromo, it feels like to return there again. Bring a camera and macem - macemnya to record the beauty that is so alluring.
I got an assignment from the boss to do the work test the accuracy of the map. I was assigned to Papua. When asked would not, I immediately want to answer. Haha .. Though too lazy to Papua. Finally arranged schedule. Team to Papua there are 5 people, combined with the faculty of the ITB as well. But now - the last time I moved. But not to Papua to Malang. Because one person who was in Malang not be set off. Yasudah I moved to Malang. Malang team more. There are 10 people. Combined with the ITB as well. Once in the office of this briefing, coordination with other work units, our team is ready to go to the survey.

Tuesday, December 19, 2011, we departed from Soekarno-Hatta airport to Surabaya. Arriving at Heathrow airport around 10:00. There is a little confusion here, while taking the trunk. One of us lose GPS and digital cameras. It turns out the GPS and the camera was stored in a backpack in the cab. And not be locked at all. One of our own truth. GPS is missing one of these new GPS, the Garmin Oregon. After losing menngurus letters and other - other, we climbed into a rented car. The purpose of this day: a small town Prigen. But before getting to Prigen, we stopped to wash the eyes of the longest bridge.

Longest bridge length is apparently real. Like crossing the ocean. The bridge is flat and then rises in the middle. Good construction. There is a red color that makes eyecatching. Similar kayak Pasopati bridge in London. But with a very long jauuuuhhh ... we're here until the afternoon. And when it grew dark, great scenery. Color floodlight - illuminate alternately colored construction of bridges and rope hung.

We arrived in late Prigen. Around 22:00. Hotel where we stayed really good. Its location was rather remote. But the architecture and interior are very beautiful, with wood clad as outer layer. Seemed to stay at the hotel throughout Europe. Haha .. This is delicious if you go with the office. At night we meyusun plan to survey the next day. The team will split into two. One team in charge of testing the accuracy of satellite data and the other to test the accuracy of the map.

I joined the second ti. For two days I turn - to turn Malaysia into Pasuruan to retrieve data using GPS, this data will be used to test the accuracy of the map. GPS that I take is pretty good. Geodetic type, single frequency, but easy to carry because of its size is easily grasped. Long story short, after two days, the data we need because we are racing is complete, take the data into the night. But the rest of the day there is still two days away. Then we moved into the hotel and plans to Malang to Bromo at dawn tomorrow.

At about 2:00, we woke up. The rental car was ready. Wuah, here's a real sacrifice. Maybe because during the day was not tired, I can wake up this morning. If in the mountains before, so tired during the day. Jad, where can I get up at dawn chasing the sun rises. Malang depart from the car shortly after we were ready. Our goal is Pananjakan, a place similar to the viewing post to watch the sun rise on Mount Bromo bounces are still cloaked in mist.

Our rental car to change into the Toyota jeep hardtop in a nearby village of Pananjakan. This jeep was unloading a lot. Forward three, back to six people. Even exceed the capacity of commercial car in general. In the jeep, we can not watch the scene because it was still dark. And then arrived at around 04.00 Pananjakan. The sun rises at 05.00, according to my GPS anyway. So there's still time. Pananjakan is located higher than the Bromo, we would be able to enjoy the view from the right perspective. Here his jeep banyaaaaak really. Row - row. Want to have one. It seems cool to make ajrut - ajrutan. Here are also a lot to offer European-style thick jacket. Cold temperatures, but not so cold. I just wear the shirt, tennis clothing and skullcaps. Jeans. Well, not recommended bangetlah. But the lazy want to rent a jacket. Because I can still hold its temperature. Anyway I have always liked that feeling cold, because the city has been overheated.

After praying Fajr and coffee - coffee, we walked to the viewing post. Until there was very crowded. Yet this is not the holiday season, instead of the weekend as well. After analyzing the situation for a while, I took a strategic place. In the distance the silhouette of the mountains seen. I'm not sure, but there is a mountain that looks high, in the distance. I'm sure it would mount Sumeru. Slowly - slowly, a thin light orange began to manifest themselves. Beautiful. We were lucky weather.

tinge of morning sun
beautiful sunrise

When the sun was starting to look obvious, people - people applauded. Haha .. well actually amused. People - people with each other amazed. I can only enjoy the beautiful silhouette of this without being able to capture it. I bring a camera pocket camera's battered office. Instead of grumbling because the results are not good, I choose to enjoy it with my own eyes only. But lucky, my friends there who carry a DSLR, so there by - by to get home.

After getting a bit bright sunlight, Mount Bromo and its surroundings began to appear, which was just a black shadow now starting to appear in color. That's when I really - really feel that God's creation was beautiful sangaaaaaaaaat. Enchanting my eyes. This makes your mouth dry, can not put out the word - the word. Only admiration in the hearts of watching Mount Bromo and its surroundings, then the sea of ​​sand and coupled with the thick fog that blanketed the mountain foot. This is a terrible sight that shook the faith! I've never seen this beautiful sight. Direct I declare that this is the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in Indonesia.

terrible scene shook the faith
Do not want to - waste a nice view of this, we immediately narcissistic. Background photo here and there Bromo. But of course, the camera will not be able to record the beauty of it completely. So still, I enjoyed with my own eyes only.

At 7:30, we were coming down. Sights along the way was also really good. I stop to photograph - photograph. Haha .. and then got down to about a quarter hour thereafter. We're down in this sea of ​​sand. Private cars are not allowed up here, because it would not be able to devour the road ferociously. We crossed the sea of ​​sand dunes leading to the hill called Teletubbies. Because it is similar to hill hill in the movie Teletubbies. But before we had to traverse this vast sea of ​​sand first. Here there had been shooting the film, starring Dian Whispering Sands Sastro.

Betmen whisper and sand trap
We got to the hill after crossing the sea of ​​sand Teletubbies. Jeep got stuck in mud puddles. Endeavor to issue a driver's car but failed. Finally a car pulled by another new car to escape. Teletubbies hill is indeed similar to the movie. Green and hilly - the hill. Well done. We are here photos - photos again. Take as many photos as - much lah.

Teletubbies hill
Then once satisfied with the scene here, we moved to the park Bromo, to get to the crater of Bromo. Take a break, buy a soft drink. And we are ready to go to Bromo crater. The results of investigations by local merchants, the distance from the parking lot to the Bromo mountain about 1.5 miles. then still have to go up the stairs of 250 steps to reach its peak. The new peak can be seen from the crater. Ah, small. We then decided to walk alone. Not all want to go there, only the young - younger. The parents waited in the parking lot. The five of us walk in the spirit. The locals do not stop - cease offering the horse to get to the stairs, and behind it. 100 thousand. We still did not move. The price offered is starting to fall. 75 thousand. 60 thousand. Finally, when the pertenganhan road, the girls lost by the death of seduction horse handler. We stayed three boys - boys. Began to climb the mountain, began to feel tired. The handler is already slam the price. 30 thousand. Wuahhhh, this very tempting. Moreover, we climbed the unstable dunes. Finally one of us up also. I've also been dying for this. But the prestige because I was the youngest, cook beaten by the older, hehe .. Be alone walk up the stairs. There are others waiting.

A brief rest, we continued up the stairs. Wuahhh, this is also high. I got to pant - ngosan rise. But no sacrifice is worth - nothing. Finally pant - ngosan I was paid off by the sight of the summit crater of Bromo. Big crater holes. No water inside. Really good. Crater ridge is narrow, only about 1 meter, making us take - the heart at the top here. Photos - more photos, while enjoying the views presented, and the rest. Unfortunately, none of which carry drinking water.
Bromo crater

We're up to about 30 minutes, then down again into the parking lot. The decrease is much faster. Running only haha ​​.. because of the sand, run - run it feels padded. We are up again in the parking lot, rest briefly and then leave this area Bromo. Towards Malang take goods - goods, and then to Heathrow airport and then returned to Jakarta. Bromo mountain views from this Pananjakan I specify as Indonesia's most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

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