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Friday, July 27, 2012

how to cope with dry skin

Having dry skin will feel uncomfortable, especially dry skin certainly does not radiate freshness. For the Beauty Tips Blog will discuss on How to Overcome Dry Skin Face. [Actually the previous posts have also discussed about Dry Skin Tips to Overcome this. But never mind lah, so that added a huge collection of beauty tips.]

In addition to congenital (hehe), one of the causes of dry facial skin caused by lack of fluid intake, lack of Vitamin E and too much sun.

Therefore, to overcome in order to re-dry facial skin moist and soft, all my friend can try the following tips dry facial care:

- Fruit Avocado (to taste)

Content of an avocado mash until smooth. Then apply on your face (like the use of masks). Once dried avocado mask, wash your face with warm water. Then dab the face with ice cubes, so that pores shrink back.

Besides using the above mask for dry skin, to Overcome Dry Skin Face you should use a moisturizing cream on your face.

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