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Friday, July 27, 2012

Swallow Sperm Can Relieve Symptoms of Nausea Vomiting During Pregnancy Young


usually occurs in pregnant women with symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting in the morning until noon. Morning sickness appears minimal at week 4 and a maximum at week 16 but the long period is different for every woman.

Although this disorder normally occurs during pregnancy, many pregnant women who feel depressed when experiencing it. No wonder that pregnant women perform a variety of ways to overcome them. One was proposed by Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY, Albania.

Gallup said that the best way to treat morning sickness is to swallow the liquid that makes you pregnant, no other than the sperm. But of course you use the sperm must come from your own partner.

Contrary to widely circulated belief all along that food is the trigger morning sickness in pregnant women, Gallup theorizes that this is caused by a baby in the womb itself. This baby is made ​​of a material that is considered 'foreign' by the body giving rise to a negative response from bodies such as pain, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Therefore, to suppress it, pregnant women were asked to swallow a number of their partner's sperm in the morning. "But if you get pregnant thanks to the program in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with sperm that is not from your partner then this method is not useful," Gallup said as quoted by Yourtango, Saturday (28/07/2012).

Gallup explains this is because the largest component of morning sickness is the result of sperm exposure to 'foreign' of the couple. Whereas in women undergoing IVF conception did not involve his own sperm from her partner.
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