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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Danger for the Lazy Bath

How many times do you shower in a day? Or because of a rush, cold air, a shower feels charge. Should remove the lazy habit of bathing because there are many adverse effects other than body odor.Bathing is one of the activities that are useful to clean dirt in the body. Thing that comes to mind is body is dirty, smelly and kept away from the social environment such as family members or friends.But there is a more serious concern about this is associated with various health problems.As quoted from HowStuffWorks, Wednesday (19/05/2010) people who do not bathe are likely to feel itchy and lots of dirt on the body, this of course increases a person's risk of infection.Many people do not realize, the average human body is covered by about 2 meters of skin containing 2.6 million sweat glands are always sweating. In addition to sweat glands, the skin is also covered by thousands of tiny hairs and delicate.There are two types of sweat glands that exist throughout the body of the Eccrine and apocrine. Out of apocrine sweat contains proteins and fatty acids that make something becomes thickened and yellowish-colored milk. This condition also causes yellow armpit stains. So if someone does not shower, then a layer of dirt will be increasingly difficult to thicken and make the dirt out of the body.In addition, people who do not shower a few days will cause odor caused by the mixing of the bacteria on the skin and hair with the metabolism of protein and fatty acids. Due to the inherent hair sticky with perspiration will make the body more dirty than usual.Bacteria and other microorganisms in the skin will be very easy to breed in the moist condition of the body. This could be a major threat if the germ is still attached to the surface of the skin, making it easier for someone suffering from itch or ringworm.But if the condition is more severe than just itching like a staphylococcus microorganisms, it can be fatal, especially if these microorganisms reach the bloodstream. Although this is very rare.Therefore bathing is one of the activities that are useful to maintain one's hygiene. There was also some health benefits of this shower activity, namely:Bath provides energy assistance to the body.Water waves that crashed into the skin can release negative ions from the body and replace it with a positive ion is more beneficial to the body.Bathing can be useful as a detoxification of the body.The human body contains many toxic pesticides derived from food or water consumed. This poison will not get out of the body when the skin pores clogged grease, oil or other chemicals. With a shower, then a compound that covers the skin pores will be lost and the toxins in your body can get out through the sweat.Bath can make your body become more relaxedThe reflection of water falling into the skin can cause a sensation of relaxation, this condition effectively to help address mental health problems. Also as an effective measure for reducing stress and anxiety.

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